Over 110 cars participated

Puget Sound Region VCCA

1999 Northwest Meet

Whidbey Island, WA
August 4-8, 1999

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This year's Northwest Meet was hosted by the Puget Sound Region of the VCCA.  There were 111 families registered who brought over 110 vintage cars.  204 people attended the banquet from 10 regions.
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Getting ready for the Watermelon seed spitting contest
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Best Spittin' Director
bowman3.jpg (61237 bytes)
Kids doing what comes naturally
bowman4.jpg (83075 bytes)
Best Woman Seed Spitter
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Spitter Spotters
bowman7.jpg (71492 bytes)
One happy winner!
bowman6.jpg (66419 bytes)
Frisbee Hoops
bowman8.jpg (78477 bytes)
Waiting for BBQ food
bowman9.jpg (62401 bytes)
Ahhhh, finally...
casey2.jpg (82889 bytes)
Balloon time!
casey1.jpg (79633 bytes)
ooooh, my cheeks
casey3.jpg (25576 bytes)
Fort Casey
casey4.jpg (54520 bytes)
Acres and acres

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Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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