Director's Trophy

Puget Sound Region VCCA

2000 Annual Banquet

Kenmore, WA
Jan 21, 2001

Another great year has concluded.  Actually a century.  We thanked our outgoing club officers and welcomed the incoming ones for 2001.  This club continues to remain viably active year-after-year.  It is truly a testament of the power of good friendship - and it's all brought together by the desire to keep vintage Chevrolets on the road.

Once again the food was outstanding and the program was very enjoyable.  Steve Grissom led the club through a version of the Family Feud game.  People were randomly paired up as families.  It's amazing how hard it is to guess the answers to some pretty common questions when you're put on the spot.  We sure have a weird way of enjoying ourselves!  :-)

On this page, I featured our club's Director's Award.  This is the 20th consecutive year that it's been awarded.  And it went to a person who was also a new member this past year!  That's enthusiasm.  Jim Martoza not only joined last year but also volunteered to be the editor of our monthly newsletter.  Due to his fine efforts at handling this enormous task, he was recognized with our highest honor.

Note:  Some of the photos are a little dark this year.   That's the result of using a digital camera in a dimly lit room.  We had the lights turned down most of the evening so that the candles created an ambiance for the event.   Unfortunately a digital camera needs more light than a standard film camera so we'll have to correct that next year.  Either that, or we shift our location to the nearest MacDonalds!

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John Strampher
banquet24.jpg (25332 bytes)
Family Feud
banquet25.jpg (27496 bytes)
Steve Grissom
banquet27.jpg (31707 bytes)
A certain Lauderback doesn't like her picture to be taken.
banquet29.jpg (27590 bytes)
Tommy and Lynn
banquet33.jpg (46189 bytes)
Jim and Mary Ellen
banquet34.jpg (49681 bytes)
Gerri & Dennis Johnson
banquet35.jpg (31042 bytes)
Some more Johnsons and Jeff Haines
banquet36.jpg (34710 bytes)
Dot and John Ziggy
banquet37.jpg (36761 bytes)
Dick & Rita Selin
banquet38.jpg (40209 bytes)
Marilyn & John Campbell
banquet39.jpg (40843 bytes)

Judy & Glenn Landguth

banquet40.jpg (34858 bytes)
Jim and Sue Seiber
(and Dick's head)
banquet41.jpg (34406 bytes)
A ha!  I finally captured Sharon on film!!
banquet44.jpg (38202 bytes)
Don, a volunteer fireman, knows it important to catch 40 winks whenever you can!!
banquet46.jpg (21637 bytes)
Lee - 2000 Director
banquet47.jpg (47682 bytes)
Is it really that interesting?
banquet48.jpg (35949 bytes)
John and Bill & Grace Wegener
banquet49.jpg (23769 bytes)
Jim - 2001 Director
banquet51.jpg (23508 bytes)
Lee thanks John S.
banquet53.jpg (32765 bytes)
Phyllis & Gorgeous George
banquet58.jpg (43709 bytes)
The Director's Trophy Awarded to Jim Martoza
banquet59.jpg (23238 bytes)
Club Officers
banquet60.jpg (23225 bytes)
and some replacements for next year.
banquet62.jpg (18004 bytes)
The whole gang
banquet63.jpg (27896 bytes)
Jim Thanks Lee
banquet64.jpg (22346 bytes)
Jim Gives to Lee 

Finally, some words to live by in the coming millennium:
  • Birthdays are good for you... the more you have, the longer you live.
  • How long a minute is, depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on.
  • Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.
  • A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour!!

Ha!  See ya next year!!!

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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