Annual Meeting at the XXX for 2002

Here we are again!!!  Our annual meeting which we hold in August at the last remaining XXX Root Beer Drive-In located in Issaquah, Washington.   Had our usual impressive display of cars in attendance.  Also had a guest VCCA'er from Minnesota, Jerry Golf.  Notably missing was Jim Farris, who was resting at home for his upcoming triple bypass, and Lee Folsom, who's been a little under the weather.   But, as you know, the club does it's thing, rain-or-shine!!

<click on the photo to enlarge it>

George's 38 coupe along with John's 46 pickup.

How pretty is this??

Wally's freshed restored 1936.

The food is always good here!

Eveyone turns out for this event each year!

I did say "everyone", didn't I?

Bill's 31, still missing the hood.

Don showing his rumble seat!!??

More of the gang.

Jim and Sue's 1940 convertible, and Tommy's 1959.

Yep, Dave and Betty were there with TWO cars!

Jim and Gail thinking of their trip to Iowa next week?

Jerry wins the long distance prize for attending all the way from Minnesota!

Don, Jerry and Bill.

The whole gang!

Another view, to show the short ones in the back row!

John's 64.


Don and Sallie's.