Puget Sound Region VCCA

1997 Northwest Meet at Port Ludlow
Washington State

(August 1997)

Footnote: The Northwest Meet is our BIG gathering each year. We usually host about 120 families for four days. Each year a different club hosts the meet at a location of their choice. This is shared by clubs from the following regions: Victoria, Canada -- Seattle, Washington -- Tacoma, Washington -- Portland, Oregon -- Salem, Oregon. Next year's Meet (1998) will be along the Columbia River, hosted by the Portland Club. You do NOT have to own a car to join in the fun. Just show up, or better yet, pre-register and attend all of the events and receive dash plaques, prizes, heartburn, etc etc, with the rest of us. It's a good time for the whole family!

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Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Revised 9/15/97