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Portland Swap Meet - April 1998

The 1998 Portland Swapmeet was held in Portland, Oregon under the usual gray and cloudy skies. It drizzled off and on the whole weekend.  The meet was compressed into a much smaller site, and it was completely asphalted.  No mud?  My wife didn't really believe that I went to the meet when she saw how clean my boots and pants were.   Next year I'm gonna stop on the way home and run through a muddy pasture.   That'll shut her up.

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1914 Ford
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Still got 'em
13921_02.jpg (37712 bytes)
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Corvair Wagon
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Neat Stuff
13921_05.jpg (36836 bytes)
35 Chev PU $3500
13921_06.jpg (49197 bytes)
29 Chev
13921_07.jpg (49836 bytes)
Drive it home!
13921_08.jpg (47492 bytes)
Trailer Case
13921_09.jpg (50161 bytes)
Basket Case
13921_10.jpg (38721 bytes)
Caddy Limo
13921_11.jpg (41376 bytes)
Hood Ornament
13921_12.jpg (35196 bytes)
Verrrry nice.
13921_13.jpg (45041 bytes)
A beauty!
13921_14.jpg (32865 bytes)
13921_15.jpg (34495 bytes)
Studebaker Comander $5750
13921_16.jpg (45483 bytes)
Can't remember.
13921_17.jpg (30817 bytes)
VW Club Cab
13921_18.jpg (35011 bytes)
Realistic Toys
...That's all Folks!!
see ya next year...

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
Revised  08/15/11