Puget Sound Region VCCA Club Meeting 10/25/99 Seattle, Washington
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Looking for a bargain at the club store.
mtg24.jpg (58222 bytes) Lots stuff to see at each meeting.  Members are always bringing the darnedest stuff to show and tell. mtg09.jpg (54800 bytes)
 A good turnout.
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Close-up of the items for sale at our store - patches, medallions, etc.
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A major display at this meeting was Jim Seiber's 1940 Chev taillights.

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Something going on at the back of the room??!!
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Dave Roberts leads the meeting.
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Jim Seiber
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Men and women attend.
mtg19.jpg (56485 bytes)Newsletters from other clubs on display.
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After the break, there aren't many snacks left....!
mtg10.jpg (62707 bytes)Good Conversations

Photos by Bill Barker